Why Invest in Art?

Investing in artwork is a remarkably rewarding opportunity, one that benefits both the investor and the artist. In addition to being an exciting asset with which to diversify your portfolio, art investment is also a potentially lucrative endeavour and, in 2020, our Red Eight Gallery clients saw an average return of 24% on their investments.

Our gallery seeks out emerging creative talent, working with artists to establish their careers, developing upon their personal successes and improve the value of their artwork. To each of our clients, we act as art advisors, sharing profiles of the best artists to invest in, those whose work is likely to increase substantially in value, then enabling each investor to resell potential assets for profit.

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Understanding the Art Market

The art market can be divided into two sectors: primary and secondary.

The primary market refers to an artist’s work sold for the first time. These transactions occur from out of the artist’s private studio or as an initial sale performed through a gallery.

The secondary market refers to the reselling of an artist’s work, typically by a fine art dealer, auction, or private collector. At Red Eight Gallery, we work within both markets, using our experience to source engaging and beautiful artwork at the best possible prices.

Currently, the volume of sales within the art market is growing and the number of individual transactions that took place in 2019 reached a decade high with over 40 million pieces being sold. Studies have also demonstrated that artwork prices are generally disconnected from political commentary and wider financial variables, such as the stock market, making them particularly good investments for beginners.

How to  Sell your Artwork

Reselling your acquired artwork on the secondary market can be done in four ways.

Red Eight Gallery

We will act as an art broker, hanging your artwork within one of our galleries, as well as sharing its profile across our network, to showcase its value to collectors.

Auction Houses

Using our direct relationships with four major auction houses, we arrange to have your artwork valued and put into auction.


We have corporate accounts with the largest and most established online platforms for reselling artwork, allowing us to effortlessly list your artwork.


You sell your artwork without restriction or interference.

How does it work?


Our team of Sotheby’s trained art advisors will escort you through each step. We offer unbiased and unpretentious guidance, which is delivered alongside asset-backed investments, ensuring your total confidence in each acquisition.

Whether you wish to invest in art as an initial low-risk undertaking or you are a seasoned investor looking to diversify an already established portfolio, our services are available and our consultants will adapt their support to your needs.

Portfolio Management

Following an initial purchase, we keep our clients regularly updated, sharing all relevant information regarding market developments and advising when to buy, hold, and sell artwork assets. We believe that, for our client’s ongoing confidence as well as their success, this support is an essential component.

We also seek to develop personal, long-lasting relationships with each client, considering unparalleled trust a quality that underpins each successful art investment company. To achieve this, we analyse each portfolio and cater our services to the individual needs of each client.

Delivery, Storage or Leasing?

Art is often an investment of passion with its assets being best enjoyed at home or professional spaces. We support, and often advise, to hang artwork with your personal and private spaces, allowing it to enrich your life and those around you. Our charges include delivery, framing, and installation. Alternatively, if you would like your artwork stored, we are able to accommodate assets with our complimentary and secure storage facilities.

Artwork may also be leased, allowing you to earn income from your investment. We have a large number of corporate contracts leasing artwork from our collection and we extend this service to you. Providing you have a medium to long term view on your investment returns, this is a viable method of generating ongoing income and capital growth from your artwork.

Sell your Artwork

When you are ready to sell, simply call your Red Eight Gallery art broker and notify them of your intention to sell. They will share their personal and expert perspective on the current market and advise the best course of action. Once your artwork is sold, funds will be credited to your account within five working days.

About Us

Red Eight Gallery is a London-based private gallery which specialises in modern and contemporary art from both emerging and established artists.

We provide a first-class service, seeking to achieve outstanding results for every client. In addition to sourcing promising work from emerging artists, which we believe will become among the best investments, we offer assistance with acquiring pieces from more established artists alongside services for profitable disposals for our clients looking to sell acquired artwork. Ancillary services are also available alongside fully managed contemporary art investment advice, including the arrangement of storage, framing, hanging, and delivery.

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